32 Postal Service Examination Policy for Applicants With Disabilities

321 Overview

Examinations include all written, oral, performance, and other tests. Consistent with applicable statutes and its own policy of providing equal employment opportunity, the Postal Service will provide reasonable accommodation in examinations for the known disabilities of individuals when the following applies:

  1. An individual requests such assistance and
  2. To the extent the accommodation does not impose an undue hardship on the Postal Service.

The Postal Service provides such accommodation on a case-by-case basis and the field office staff responsible for conducting the examination determines the type of accommodation.

This policy provides a framework for those individuals who must make decisions concerning reasonable accommodation in the testing process for applicants with disabilities. This framework takes into account the following:

This policy is tempered in each situation by the following:

Postal Service policy is to treat all applicants fairly and equitably.

You must recognize that this is a request for reasonable accommodation if the following occurs:

Such a request requires your attention and action. You must follow the six-step process described in 22. Bear in mind that the Postal Service will not provide accommodations that would impose an undue hardship on Postal Service operations.