642 Limited Duty, Light Duty, and Rehabilitation Assignments

Supervisors and managers do not refer initially most limited duty and temporary light duty requests to the RAC. Instead, the mechanisms provided by Federal Employees’ Compensation Act process requests for limited duty and the mechanisms provided by the respective collective bargaining agreements for light duty. Nonetheless, there are circumstances in which an employee in a light duty, limited duty, or rehabilitation assignment can raise issues that warrant referral to the RAC. For example:

In addition, an employee with a disability may request permanent or long- term light duty, believing it to be a reasonable accommodation. In such a case, the RAC may appropriately explore accommodation with the employee. The RAC’s role is limited, however, to the following:

The RAC does not make a decision on the availability of light duty because the installation head is responsible for granting or denying light duty, pursuant to the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreements.