444 Probation Period for Individuals Hired Under the Noncompetitive Process

If it becomes reasonably clear at any point during the probationary period that an employee with a severe disability hired under the noncompetitive process is having difficulty performing the job, the immediate supervisor must ask the VA or state DVR counselor to help the employee to overcome problems and deficiencies in performance.

The supervisor must schedule a meeting with the appropriate counselor and the employee at the earliest possible opportunity to see if they can correct the performance deficiency. Often, an early dialogue can lead to a satisfactory solution to the performance problem. A simple job modification or a different method of communication may be all that the employee needs to perform the essential functions of the job effectively.

If the employee is still unable to perform essential functions of the job satisfactorily, with or without reasonable accommodation, the employee’s immediate supervisor must initiate separation during the probation period. When the immediate supervisor makes a decision to terminate the employment, the Postal Service installation head or designee must notify the VA or state DVR. This enables the VA or state DVR to make other arrangements for rehabilitation, assistance, or other employment. Throughout this process, the supervisor or manager must consult with any of the following when he or she needs assistance: