317 Examination Materials

317.1 Obtaining Materials

Examination administrators must make certain that the required examination materials outlined in the DFC have been received from NTAC before scheduling examinations.

317.2 Ordering Materials

Examination administrators order test materials from NTAC when the approximate number of applications received is determined.

317.3 Verifying Materials

When examiners receive test materials from NTAC, they immediately verify the contents and inform NTAC of any discrepancies.

317.4 Stocking Materials

Examination centers located at districts may stock and store a 12–month supply of selected materials for inservice, delayed, and reopened testing. Examination administrators use local records to determine the amount of inservice, delayed, and reopened testing materials needed for a 12–month period.

317.5 Test Series

Test series are different versions of a particular examination.

317.51 Rotating Test Series

To minimize compromising the validity of a test, the examiner must use a different series (set of test materials) at each session. Once all of the available series have been used, the examiner repeats the use of the series.

317.52 Administering Multiple Test Series

Normally, only one series of a test is used for each session. Instructions that are read by the examiner as part of the examination may be different for each series. Therefore, the NTAC must give approval to the examiner before multiple series are administered simultaneously in one session. For sessions where prior approval from NTAC is obtained, the applicants must be separated by group for each series administered. Examiners and monitors must make certain that applicants have the correct materials and grid the series number that matches their materials on their answer sheets. The examiner for the session prepares a Form 2523, Time Record Sheet, for each series used.