585 Disposition of Documents

Transfer the following documents upon appointment from the preemployment investigation file to the official personnel folder.

  1. PS Form 2591, Application for Employment, including supplemental application forms and any statements from applicants adding to original applications.
  2. PS Form 2181–A (or equivalent), Pre–Employment Screening — Authorization and Release. Keep a copy in the preemployment investigation file.
  3. Certificates from local school authorities stating that applicants under age 18 who desire employment consideration have terminated their formal education for adequate reasons.
  4. Correspondence and statements relating to applicants having Postal Service relatives.
  5. Documents relating to claims for veterans’ preference including SF 15, Application for 10–Point Veteran Preference, letters or certificates from the Department of Veterans Affairs, statements or retirement orders issued by service branches, and other documents used in the adjudication process.
  6. Copies of DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, for all periods of active military service.
  7. Results of automotive mechanic bench test, qualification review panel evaluation, typing test, or other requirement.
  8. Drug Screening — personnel notification form.
  9. PS Form 2485, Medical Examination and Assessment, or eMAP medical assessment determination.
  10. PS Form 61, Appointment Affidavit.