564 Investigation Results

Personnel security professionals, with the Postal Inspection Service’s Security Investigations Service Center (SISC), will review and adjudicate the results of the NACI.

For SACIs, two separate cases are set up in OPM’s system if:

  1. Sending fingerprints electronically; or
  2. The fingerprint submission is initiated first and the SACI questionnaire is submitted subsequently.

Therefore, Human Resources will receive a separate closing case transmittal (CCT) for each. The fingerprint request will be closed out by OPM and forwarded to Human Resources as soon as the fingerprint results are received from the FBI. The final CCT will integrate results from the initial fingerprint search with results of the other searches and inquiries.

Office of Personnel Management–Investigative Services (OPM-IS) will bill submitting offices monthly for services rendered during the previous month. OPM-IS will forward all results — except those that have potentially actionable issues from the Security/Suitability Investigations Index (SII) and the Defense Clearance and Investigations Index (DCII) — directly to the submitting Human Resources office in a single document within 60 calendar days. Human Resources verifies the disposition of any arrest record, including those shown as pending, and determines if additional investigation is necessary. OPM-IS will forward all results from the checks of the SII and DCII containing pertinent issues to the Inspection Service for follow-up attention.

A Certificate of Completed NACI Investigation is prepared and forwarded to the submitting office for favorably adjudicated NACI investigations. The submitting office is responsible for follow-up, as needed, to finalize the personal suitability determination and ensuring that the Certificate is filed in the employee’s electronic Official Personnel Folder. In cases where an unfavorable adjudication is made, the Inspection Service will notify the requester who, in turn, will notify the appropriate HR manager. The local Inspection Service Inspector in Charge is to be notified in all instances where administrative action, such as termination or removal, is taken in response to an investigation and the information becomes part of the disciplinary file. When information requires no action, the investigation documents, including any reports, statements, and correspondence, are placed in the employee’s preemployment investigation file. A log of requests and results should be maintained and available to the Inspection Service at least semi-annually for review.