545 Selection and Extension of Job Offer

The interviewer’s recommendations are considered by the selecting official in making selections for bargaining vacancies (see 626, Selection Decision). If the candidate is selected, a conditional offer of employment is extended to the applicant following completion of further screening to determine eligibility and suitability for employment (see Employee and Labor Relations Manual, 346, Offer of Employment). The conditional offer includes the:

  1. Position title;
  2. Level;
  3. Salary;
  4. Location of employment;
  5. Nature and duration of employment; and
  6. Any required conditions the appointee must fulfill before and immediately after entrance on duty, including the following:
    1. Determination of medical suitability for the position as determined by a pre-employment medical assessment;
    2. Qualification on a drug test as required by the Department of Transportation for applicants offered positions requiring a Commercial Driver’s License;
    3. Satisfactory completion of a probationary period, if applicable;
    4. Providing acceptable evidence of meeting citizenship requirements (see 513.4);
    5. Providing required documents and fingerprints for a security investigation or security clearance; and
    6. Satisfactory completion of the required security investigation or security clearance, as required by the position offered (see Administrative Support Manual, section 272).

Exhibit 545 

Interview Sheet and Checklist

APPLICANT NAME: _____________________________________________ REQUISITION/NB #:____________________




Application Review:
Discuss/Verify during Interview

Interview Notes

Work Setting and Job Content















Customer Service



Selective Service (Males only)

Signed Up Yes No\uF0E0

Reason –

Work History

Discussed Yes No


Photo ID match to PS Form 2591

Yes No


Valid Driver’s License

Yes No


Interview Sheet and Checklist

APPLICANT NAME: _____________________________________________ REQUISITION/NB #:____________________


Interview Result:

Reason Not

Reason Not Eligible/Suitable:

Applicant requested Accommodation:

Federal Employment:

(Print Name)

___________________________________________________________ ____________________________

(Sign Name) (Date)