33 Inservice Examination Process

331 Announcement and Application Process

331.1 Authorization to Administer Inservice Examinations

Examiners should refer to the following guidance on the authorization to administer inservice examinations.

331.11 National Examinations

The authority to administer nationwide examinations is specified in a Postal Bulletin or policy memorandum.

331.12 Local Examinations

Installation heads are authorized to open or reopen examinations in accordance with local needs.

331.2 Announcement and Closing Dates

Installation heads will announce the opening or reopening of an examination. A reasonable period of time should be provided to employees in the form of notification and preparation materials to help them prepare for the examination.

331.3 Examination Opened at Two or More Installations

When an examination is administered for two or more installations at a single location, the examiners and monitors must exercise care to ensure that employee’s grid the finance number of their own installation on their answer sheet.

331.4 Examiner Requirements

Examiners should identify examiners and determine the number of personnel required for an inservice examination according to the following guidance.

331.41 Identifying Examiners

Examination administrators must schedule examiners. Examiners must not be eligible to participate in the examination at the time it is given, or if it is reopened in the future.

331.42 Number of Required Examination Personnel

There must be one examiner or monitor for each thirty employees expected to participate (see 315.5, Number of Examiners and Monitors).