58 Post Hire Suitability

581 Appointment Affidavit

581.1 Completing Form 61

Items 1–14 of Form 61, Appointment Affidavit, must be completed at the interview or job offer stage of the screening process, and each item must be verified prior to administering the oath of office.

Applicants who indicate that they have been awarded a contract by the Postal Service are prohibited from being appointed as employees. Such an applicant is ineligible for USPS employment unless the circumstances allow the contracting officer to waive the prohibition, the situation is not covered by the prohibition, or the contract is terminated. See section 1.6.4, Contracts With Postal Service Employees and Their Immediate Families, in the Purchasing Manual. Waivers must be in writing from the contracting officer and are filed on the permanent side of the Official Personnel Folder.

581.2 Administering the Oath of Office

The oath of office should be administered as part of new–employee orientation or on the employee’s first workday, by a person specified in 39 CFR 222, which includes personnel professionals, level EAS–15 and above, and postmasters. The form should be reviewed for completeness and follow–up action taken, as appropriate, based on any revised answers to questions 1 through 13. The Interview Checklist should also be initialed based on the information provided on Form 61. The word swear should be struck when the appointee elects to affirm rather than swear to the affidavit. Only that word may be struck and only when the appointee elects to affirm the affidavits. If appointees have objections to taking the oath, or wish clarification regarding administration of the oath that cannot be handled locally, assistance should be obtained from the appropriate field legal services center.