362 Administering Performance Tests

362.1 Time of Administration

Human resources gives most performance tests after the examinee’s qualifications have been evaluated by some other method, such as written examination or rated application, and when the examinee is likely to be considered for employment. Human resources gives some performance tests, such as the typing test, to small groups of examinees depending on equipment that is available.

362.2 Administering the Tests

362.21 Personnel Administering the Test

For some performance tests, postal employees are trained to give particular tests and are designated as examiners for this purpose. The Postal Service prepares unique directions for these examiners to follow. For other performance tests, authorized NTAC–certified examiners administer the tests.

362.22 Rating Examinees

The performance test is self–scoring or scored at NTAC.

When NTAC rates the examinee, eligible or ineligible is given on the basis of performance on the tasks presented in the test.

362.3 General Instructions for Examiners

Examiners should refer to the following general instructions.

362.31 Reading Instructions Before Giving Performance Tests

Before giving a performance test, examiners review the instructions that come with the performance tests. Examiners should practice reading aloud any instructions to be given before reading them to examinees, to be familiar with text and use proper emphasis.

362.32 Prior Preparation

Examiners provide the examinees the necessary equipment and supplies as listed in the DFC for the particular test. Examiners arrange to have the materials available beforehand.

362.33 Recording Time

Examiners record the time that he or she tells the examinee to start each task of the test. Examiners add to the start time the time the examinee is allowed for the task, and record that time as well. The examiners then record the time the examinee finishes.

362.4 Examination Results

Examiners should refer to the following notification and processing guidelines.

362.41 Notifying Examinees of Performance Test Results

Examiners inform the examinees of their performance test results (if self–scoring), and whether they are eligible or ineligible.

362.42 Processing Test Results

The Postal Service records of the performance test results as a part of the examinee’s preemployment investigation file. The appointing official may request an additional eligible from the register, if necessary, to have the choice of 3 eligibles. Examination personnel annotate the register record to show pass or failure on the performance test and the date.

362.5 Stenography Tests

Examiners should refer to the following guidelines for instruction regarding stenography tests.

362.51 Test Administration

Examiners must follow instructions in the DFC for administering the examination.

362.52 Dictation Materials and Equipment
362.521 Taking Dictation Notes

Examinees may use a pen for taking dictation notes. However, all gridding on the answer sheet must be done with a number two pencil. If a shorthand–writing machine is used, the notes should be attached to Form 5922, Stenographic Notepaper, and the spaces at the top of the form completed.

362.522 Using Cassette Tapes

Examiners must use cassette tapes for administration of Dictation Test 711.

362.53 Additional Procedural Guidance
362.531 Cassette Tape Procedures

Examiners must read and practice the cassette tape procedures described in the DFC before conducting the examination. Examiners check the cassette player before the actual examination begins to ensure that it is functioning properly and can be heard by everyone in the examination room.

362.532 Interruptions During Tests

NTAC provides examiners with a transcript of the dictation test to follow during the dictation exercise. If there is an interruption during the actual test that cannot be avoided, the examiner stops the tape, starts with the last word that was dictated before the interruption, goes back 4 words, and begins again playing the tape at that point. Examiners advise the examinees so that they know the exact place to start taking dictation again.

362.533 Cassette Player Malfunctions

Any mechanical malfunction during the actual test that renders the player inoperable cancels the examination. Examiners advise the examinees that the dictation test will be rescheduled at a later date. The examiner collects all dictation materials and returns them to NTAC along with an explanation in the Comments section of the Time Record Sheet.