5 Suitability

51 Employment Eligibility and Suitability

511 Policy and Applicability

The Postal Service’s multiple component screening process must be applied consistently to applicants who are likely to be selected for all positions regardless of type of appointment.

511.1 Policy

The following policies apply to the suitability screening of applicants for employment including those components that take place after appointment.

511.11 Rights to Workplace Safety and Mail Security

The Postal Service is obligated to maintain the security of the mail and public trust and assure confidence in the reliability and integrity of its employees. Employees have the right to expect a safe work environment, and the public has a right to expect the Postal Service to maintain the privacy of the mail. Federal law makes it clear that protection of mail, postal funds, and property is the responsibility of every postal employee. The Postal Service must therefore make certain that individuals selected for employment have been carefully screened, evaluated, and determined suitable for postal employment so that the conduct of individuals selected for employment will reflect favorably on the organization.

511.12 Nondiscrimination in Hiring

It is Postal Service policy not to discriminate in personnel decisions on the basis of:

  1. Race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity, including transgender status), national origin, religion, age (40 or over), genetic information, disability, or retaliation for engaging in EEO-protected activity as provided by law; or
  2. Other non-meritorious factors, such as political affiliation; marital status; status as a parent; and past, present, or future military service.
511.13 Policy for Residence Requirements

Unless specified in an examination announcement or a selection program, applications for positions in the Postal Service are accepted without regard to a residency requirement.

511.2 Applicability of These Instructions

Suitability screening is an essential component of the hiring process for all applicants for employment, career, or noncareer positions. These instructions apply to applicants from all recruitment sources, including former employees whether from registers, application files, noncompetitive reinstatement, or transfer to the Postal Service.