353 Administering Rated Application Examinations

Human resources is responsible for opening or reopening examinations, including rated application examinations, in time to replenish registers.

353.1 Procedures

Examination personnel must refer to these procedures for administering rated application examinations.

353.11 Requesting Examination Announcements

The installation head requests announcement materials from NTAC. NTAC will furnish announcements, supplemental experience forms, and detailed instructions for collecting research questionnaire data from applicants.

353.12 Providing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Information

Examination personnel must provide all required knowledge, skills, and abilities information to accompany the examination announcement.

353.13 Accepting and Forwarding Applications

The installation head accepts applications and related forms until the closing date. The installation head ensures that adequate time is allowed for each applicant to accurately complete the application and related forms. Examination personnel check forms for completeness and forward them to NTAC. NTAC rates blank, vague, or incomplete forms as ineligible with no recourse for rerating. After NTAC rates an application, additional qualifications are not considered. Installation heads must forward applications and related forms for examinations opened indefinitely to NTAC weekly.

353.14 Scoring Applications

NTAC reviews and scores the applications and any related forms by evaluation against the job standards. NTAC then computes a rating for each applicant and eligibles are given numerical scores. Claimed veterans’ preference points are then added to the passing numerical scores of eligible entrance examination applicants.

353.15 Returning Material to Examination Center

NTAC returns applications and related forms to the examination center for those applicants rated eligible.

353.2 Mailing Notices of Rating

NTAC mails the notices of rating to the applicants.

353.3 Registers

Districts maintain registers in accordance with register procedures (see Chapter 4, Registers).