583 Security Investigations

583.1 Nonsensitive Positions

The Postal Service selects and retains only those qualified individuals whose employment is consistent with the security interests of the Postal Service and the national security interests of the United States. The majority of all new hires in the Postal Service are to positions classified by the Postal Inspection Service as nonsensitive. Positions that are considered sensitive are listed in the Administrative Support Manual (ASM), 272.22, Sensitive Clearance.

583.2 Inspection Service Screening Process

Nonsensitive security screening by the Inspection Service is an automated process that requires no action by the employing office. Each pay period, the Inspection Service electronically matches the payroll records of all newly hired employees, including noncareer employees, against their Investigative History Files (IHF) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) wanted files and warrant files. If any derogatory information turns up from the IHF match or if there are any NCIC wants and warrants matches on employees, the Inspection Service notifies the hiring official.

583.3 Sensitive Positions

The Inspection Service has established requirements for security investigations of applicants for sensitive positions. Procedures for initiating sensitive security requests are found in the ASM. Individuals required to have a sensitive clearance may not be entered on duty nor permitted to assume duties requiring sensitive clearance, until the Inspection Service has granted them either an interim or a final clearance.